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Feelings of Grief

Grief is pain, sadness, relief, even joy. There’s no ‘wrong’ way to feel while grieving. Grief is confusing. We understand that it is painful and sad. We know it can be dark. What’s harder to understand are the feelings we don’t think “should” be part of the grieving process. At various times, grief can involve […]

St. Michael’s Family Night

Mindfulness Mindfulness skills are about being in control of your mind rather than letting your mind be in control of you. The two core mindfulness skills include the What and How skills. What Observe Notice what is happening. Notice thoughts, feelings, and sensations and anything else that is happening. Simply be aware. It’s what you […]


I think “gratitude” is an action verb. My husband, who was an English major, claims it’s a noun. I know he is technically right, but hear me out. Gratitude is a conscious effort to notice the good in others and in the world around you. It takes ongoing work because human beings are not designed […]